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Lunenburg County Public SchoolsMrs. Frances P. Wilson, Director of Student Services

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD policy was approved on March 14, 2016 to begin April 1, 2016 at Central High School. The remaining three schools will institute the policy beginning with the 2016-2017 school year.

A BYOD program allows students to use their own electronic devices (with the exception of cell phones) in an academic setting in order to access the schools’ wireless network.  Network users must comply with all rules and regulations established for the use of computers or other electronic equipment.  

If you desire for your child to participate in the BYOD program, he or she should see the school’s Instructional Technology Resource Teacher (ITRT), in the school library.  Your child should bring home the BYOD handbook for your review.  The last page of the handbook contains an agreement that must be signed by both the parent and the student. This agreement must be returned to school on order to participate in the BYOD program.

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Statement from Director

The Internet is the world’s largest network and can be used by children as a valuable learning tool. It provides students with access to unlimited information and numerous databases. E-mail allows them to communicate with people in other countries and with experts in different areas. While realizing that the Internet is a great educational tool, everyone must work together to keep children safe while cruising the information superhighway.

Congress, in December of 2000, enacted the Children’s Internet Protection Act and the Neighborhood Internet Protection Act. Both pieces of legislation require schools to have an Electronic Acceptable Use Policy that addresses the issue of Internet safety; to have measures that block or filter Internet access to inappropriate sites; and to develop a school-wide curriculum which teaches students to use the Internet safely and legally.

Lunenburg County Public Schools and other schools in the Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium have joined together to create a standard Internet Safety Curriculum, which will be taught in grades K-12. The curriculum will cover a wide-range of topics, including the following:

  1. Personal safety—not revealing personal information
  2. Netiquette—being polite and respectful while online
  3. Security—learning about viruses, worms, hacking, and Trojan horses
  4. Intellectual property—respecting copyrights and avoiding plagiarism

While the Internet is an extraordinary resource, it is not without pitfalls. The safety curriculum will teach students how to avoid pornography, deal with cyber bullying and cyber stalking, and identify online predators.

In addition, the Lunenburg County School System wants parents and community members to be aware of potential dangers of the Internet. All four schools will be periodically sending information home to parents concerning Internet safety.

More information on Internet safety can be obtained by contacting Frances Wilson, Supervisor of Technology and Testing at Lunenburg County Board of Education by calling 434-676-2467.



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