Lunenburg County Public Schools

School Board Members - Lunenburg County Public Schools

Lunenburg County Public Schools

Mr. Donald B. Carnes – Chairman
Post Office Box 398
Victoria, Virginia  23974
(434) 696-4011
Plymouth - District #1

Lunenburg County Public Schools

Mrs. Kathy P. Coffee – V. Chairman
2255 Fletcher Chapel Road
Kenbridge, Virginia  23944
(434) 676-3707
Hound’s Creek - District #6

Lunenburg County Public Schools

Mrs. Ada A. Whitehead
Post Office Box 361
Keysville, Virginia  23947
(434) 736-8864
Rehoboth - District #4

Mr. Doug Aubel

Mr. Doug Aubel
415 South Broad Street
Kenbridge, Virginia  23944
(434) 321-3359
Brown’s Store - District #2

Lunenburg County Public Schools

Mrs. Beverley P. Hawthorne
Post Office Box 126
Dundas, Virginia  23938
(434) 676-2699
Beaver Creek - District #3

Lunenburg County Public Schools

Mrs. Elizabeth R. Williams
4813 Old Mansion Road
Lunenburg, Virginia  23952
(434) 696-2865
     Love’s Mill - District #5

Mrs. Amy N. McClure

Mrs. Amy N. McClure
5261 Double Bridges Road
Meherrin, Virginia  23954
(434) 480-2046
Meherrin River - District #7


 School Board Meetings 2019

School Board Meetings


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 2019 Disciplinary Hearings

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