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1009 Main Street P.O. Box 710 Kenbridge, VA  23944 Phone: 434-676-2467 Fax: 434-676-1000

Instruction Department - Lunenburg County Public Schools Mr. Sidney M. Long, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Mrs. Julie Dalton, Dyslexia Advisor
Phone(434) 676-2491


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Curriculum Guides


1stGr CG

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High School English

High School Math

High School Science

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Pacing Guides for Grades K-5

  1. KG Language Arts PG.pdf
  2. KG Math PG.pdf
  3. KG Science PG.pdf
  4. KG Social Studies PG.pdf
  5. 1st Gr Language Arts PG.pdf
  6. 1st Gr Math PG.pdf
  7. 1st Gr Science PG.pdf
  8. 1st Gr Social Studies PG.pdf
  9. 2nd Gr Language Arts PG.pdf
  10. 2nd Gr Math PG.pdf
  11. 2nd Gr Science PG.pdf
  12. 2nd Gr Social Studies PG.pdf
  13. 3rd Gr Language Arts PG.pdf
  14. 3rd Gr Math PG.pdf
  15. 3rd Gr Science PG.pdf
  16. 3rd Gr Social Studies PG.pdf
  17. 4th Gr Math PG.pdf
  18. 4th Gr Science PG.pdf
  19. 4th Gr Virginia Studies PG.pdf
  20. 4th Gr Language Arts PG.pdf
  21. 5th Gr Language Arts PG.pdf
  22. 5th Gr Math PG.pdf
  23. 5th Gr Science PG.pdf
  24. 5th Gr Virginia Studies PG.pdf


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