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Mitzi Lail – Curriculum Specialist ConsultantMitzi Lail – Curriculum Specialist Consultant

As a Curriculum Specialist Consultant with Lunenburg County Public Schools, Mitzi is working with classroom teachers to enhance the curriculum pacing guide to include available resources in the classroom and school, technology, and connections between different subject areas. This guide will help new teachers as well as teachers moved to a different grade level to be aware of resources and activities.

Education and Previous Work Experience: Mitzi holds a B.A. from Virginia Tech in Elementary and Middle Education (Pre K-8). She also holds an M.S. from Longwood University in Elementary School Curriculum. Mitzi taught in the Lunenburg County Public School system for 19 years. She taught 4th Grade at VES, 4th Grade at KES, and 6th & 8th Grade English at LMS. Mitzi has been at Longwood University for 18 years and has worked as an adjunct instructor and the University Supervisor for Student Teachers.

Family: Mitzi has been married to Randy Lail, Lunenburg County native, for 38 years. Mitzi and Randy have two children, Heidi Hertz and Cory Lail. Heidi graduated from VA Tech and JMU and is currently the Childhood Obesity Prevention Coordinator with the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth. Heidi and her husband Billy are expecting their first child in May. Cory graduated from VCU majoring in Exercise Science and is currently in Physical Therapy School at Radford University. Mitzi, Randy, and both of their children attended Lunenburg County Public Schools and graduated from Central High School.

Interesting facts that you may not know about Mitzi: She loves the mountains and the beach. She lives in a log cabin. She and her family watched the Macy’s Day Parade live in New York City. She and her family have gone up in a hot air balloon. She has volunteered at her church camp for about 10 years. She enjoys antiquing, calligraphy, reading, walking, and traveling.

Words from Mitzi--Quotes that she lives by: “Practice the pause. When in doubt, pause. When angry, pause. When tired, pause. And whenever you pause, pray.”

“Stay in your lane…and swim the best you can.” Mitzi says she does not race in swimming but loves this as an analogy in life.

“When a wave comes, go deep.”

“But first, coffee!”



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